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This is required for some markets, most noticeably in the USA. Batmtwo Stand Optional batmtwo Stand turns your batmtwo into a free-standing Bitcoin ATM. Ordering, we are not currently accepting orders for the ATM. Buy:.1 updated online, score: 0, details, amsterdam. Buy:.1, Sell:.5 updated online, score: 2, details, amsterdam. Also remittance use is increasing - on LocalBitcoins we have seen volumes in developing countries increasing, along the more developed countries.

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People are more interested in Bitcoin, and more shops accept Bitcoin everyday, both offline and online. The machine works both ways, it can take and hold 300 bank notes, and give out up to 30 bank notes. Batmtwo Large: 32x38x38 cm /.6x16x16 inch. How It Works, localBitcoins ATM is an affordable and robust machine for automatizing your Bitcoin exchange business. The customers who withdraw can get the same notes that other customers deposit. Also we can help you setupping the look of the ATM. The usability of Bitcoin is increasing, so more people want to hop the Bitcoin train everyday. Hotwallets for the ATM may be online or self-hosted, such as a bitcoin-core wallet running on the same server. Supported exchanges, exchange, support. There is a fee of 1 per transaction from LocalBitcoins in Bitcoins. The device can accept 6 different kind of bills from the selected currency. Batmtwo Stand batmtwo Bitcoin ATM - Front view batmtwo ATM batmtwo Bitcoin ATM - Side view batmtwo ATM batmtwo stand with and without printer BTC Purchase Process Purchase Process User Interface User Interface User Interface User Interface User Interface User Interface User Interface User Interface. For supported exchanges: See table below.

Supported cryptocurrencies 40 cryptocurrencies supported. . The ATM does not store any bitcoin atm groningen cryptocurrency itself and it is the server that takes care of this. This reduces volatility risks for an operator. Optionally add your own additional weights in the batmtwo Stand base. General bytes has support for the widest range of cryptocurrencies available and is constantly adding support for new coins. Batmtwo Stand: 33kg / 73lbs. You can also opt to automatically get your bitcoin payments converted to fiat by connecting to a payment processor. It's easy to implement support for any coin using our open Bitcoin ATM API as hosted on GitHub. The operator can define the buying and selling prices, which are updated automatically - operator doesn't have to worry about Bitcoin price fluctuations. Send them to email protected.

Send bitcoins via SMS (recipient will receive private key). The ATM has 30-note recycler, which also increases mainteinability and makes the process robust. This is very well, because Helsinki is a bitcoin atm groningen small city and there are also competing ATM's in the city. Development and Support, the ATM is upgradeable, and we are constantly working on improving the features of the ATM. No need for an additional tablet to accept bitcoin payments in for example restaurants or stores. No volatility risks, unlike other Bitcoin ATM's, purchases are made on the configured cryptocurrency exchange at the time of the cash insertion. The operators has to take care that he has enough Bitcoins to sell, empty the cash box when full, and take care that there are notes in the ATM for customers to withdraw.

Customers' identity can be (optionally) checked using the fingerprint reader, cell phone number verification, ID card scan or selfie verification to increase their cash limits. If you require a bi-directional machine (crypto to cash and cash to crypto) we suggest you look at our batmthree line of ATM units. This means that the ATM will convert cash to crypto-currency only. Remote software upgrade, future software updates are distributed over the internet without the need for user intervention. "Other" services are visible with larger zoom. Weight 15 kg, locks, two Abloy Standard Locks, pricing.

bitcoin atm groningen

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You can design the look of the ATM locally suited for your operation, but also LocalBitcoins can help you tailor your marketing materials and needs. Notifications, your ATM can notify you when cash in the machine reaches a certain threshold when the ATM is offline for more than one hour or whenever a transaction has been made. For supported hot wallets: See table below. Also historical rates per atm are viewable via. This makes the operators work easier. The server sends end-user email notifications to the operator regarding certain events such as when transactions are made or when a certain level of cash in the terminal has been reached.

Material: 2mm iron Display: 7 capacitive Mounting options: Designed to be mounted on a wall (mounting screws and tools are included) or free-standing using the optional batmtwo Stand. Operators can also choose to run in a standalone mode with no exchange involvement, perfect for those who already own the Bitcoin they want to sell. Batmtwo - Bitcoins purchase process batmtwo - Point of Sale functionality - start accepting bitcoin payments batmtwo - Buying bitcoins to your email batmtwo - Litecoin and Dogecoin support batmtwo - AML and KYC features batmone installation at batmtwo - World's. Ede, buy: 4 updated online, score: 4, details, amsterdam. Yes m, yes m, yes m, yes m, yes m, yes m, yes m bitcoin atm groningen Yes Yes Yes Supported hot wallets Wallet Support Yes m Yes m Yes Bitcoind / Bitcoin Core Yes Litecoind Yes Dogecoind Yes Bitcore Yes Yes.

Configuration options on the server include online terminal status, current cash box contents, exchange rate, cash transaction limits (per hour, per day, per month customer behaviour, performed transactions and their status. Buying and selling rates can be easily changed via admin interface, as well as otherwise the ATM can be easily monitored via web interface. One awesome feature you will not find anywhere else is that staff members can receive their tips in bitcoin on their own wallet address. Size(w/h/d) 318 x 340 x 264 millimeters. Accepted bills, all banknotes where the size is inside of the range (width) 60-82 millimeters, and (length) 115-150 millimeters. This makes the ATM very robust. The device can be programmed to handle almost any known currency, but only one can be used at the time. Development has been going on simultaneously and we have pretty much dealt with all the minor issues weve encountered during the test period. Other features, send receipts by SMS or email. Specifications, model, localBitcoins Bitcoin ATM version A3, capacity 300 notes in the stacker 30 notes in the recycler. The general bytes developers usually do not implement alternative coins on request.

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Featured operators in the area: List of bitcoin machines in and around Groningen: Show where to Buy Sell bitcoins. Buy:.2 updated online, score:. Dimensions: batmtwo Classic: 32x38x27 cm /.6x16x10.6 inch. AML / KYC laws vary all over the world but general bytes is the only manufacturer flexible enough to accommodate even the tightest AML / KYC regulations. Sort by best fee city score. One for main door, second for cashbox. Graphics and stickers for the ATM can be made by you to fit local needs. The LocalBitcoins ATM is unique because it does not require internet connection, but the exchanging happens on the LocalBitcoins website. We will publish a blog post and otherwise promote for each installed location to add the visibilxity. And of course your ATM's will be prominently displayed on the LocalBitcoins site as well. For batmtwo Large we highly recommend using batmtwo Stand. Cash box capacity: batmtwo Classic: 600 banknotes, batmtwo Large: 1200 banknotes Security: Two high security standard locks.

Remote management and monitoring, terminal configuration is retrieved from the server bitcoin atm groningen by the ATM. Secure by design, the Bitcoin ATM Terminal only communicates with the server over https. The batm / CAS server communicates with cryptocurrency exchanges and hot wallets. Buy:.2 updated online, score: 4, details, amsterdam. Batmtwo Large: 28kg / 61lbs. In the first ATM's, the premium has been around 5-8.