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The forex black market trade has been in existence for the past five years, and took off on the back of the government's decision to close bureaux de change as a means to stem inflation. Nqobile Tshili Bulawayo Bureau, police in Bulawayo have launched a blitz targeting illegal forex changers popularly known as osiphatheleni for hoarding cash at a time when the cash crisis has intensified. . Police are warning members of the public to desist from illegally dealing in foreign currency as the long arm of the law will always catch up with them, he said. A survey yesterday showed that the black market rate of the US was stable as it hovered around 1:3.5 bond notes which is the figure that was prevailing before the announcement of Monetary Policy Statement on Wednesday. The few who get arrested are not connected. In his weekly column in The Sunday Mail, President Mnangagwa said he has asked his trusted legal advisors to come up with comprehensive laws to curb loopholes that allowed these illegal money changers to operate. Zimbabwean trio robbed more than one trader. Tagara, Sosera, and Nyasoro lured the forex trader into their vehicle and immediately stated to the victim that he had been arrested for illegal currency trading.

Over 170 forex dealers arrested in Zimbabwe in a fraud

Sebastian Mutisirva appeared before the state. In fact, the banks issue a negligible amount of 500 Zimbabwean dollars per transaction, which is enough for only three bus rides. According to the investigation, the accused approached the victim Ophios Chinomone and told him that they wanted to exchange their money for the US dollars and agreed to meet the next day after he brings the money. "In Zimbabwe, you can have millions in the bank and starve to death said Michael Jechera, a businessman in Harare. Illegal forex dealers yesterday boasted that they were connected to people in high places. After that the trio used the same threatening scheme as in the previous case alleging their victims in the illegal foreign currency trading. This has set the stage for the rtgs dollar's sharp devaluation on the official market. The Zimbabwe Republic Police, having noted that activities by illegal foreign currency dealers were posing a serious security and economic threat to the country, embarked on a countrywide operation meant to enforce Statutory Instrument 122A of 2017, Exchange Control (Amendment) Regulations. I cannot immediately confirm the number of people we have arrested so far. As government pegged the Zimbabwean dollar at forex dealers zimbabwe very low rates to the US dollar, much of the currency flowing in the country from the country's emigres has ended up on the black market. In order to cope with the currency shortages, many Zimbabweans now turn to street dealers where the Zimbabwean dollar is surprisingly in abundance.

It is estimated that four million Zimbabweans are living in the diaspora and send millions of dollars that often end up on the streets with the forex dealers. Although the police periodically arrest roadside dealers, they have never been able to stem the problem of unregulated forex dealing. Assistant Commissioner Nyathi said the operation will be in full swing until there was sanity and order in all towns and cities, hence members of the public, business entities, corporates and individuals are encouraged to cooperate with law enforcement. Chinomona met with the defendants at the offices of Zesa in Zengeza. It has been alleged that banks, politicians and other business people are supplying osiphatheleni with cash so that they can sell it for them. . "It's the only way to survive; if you don't deal, you will die - tell me about who is not dealing in this country, and I will give you a million dollars says Edwin gesturing at a motorist. One of the illegal dealers said Government should target the people who were causing cash shortages instead of using them as scapegoats. But the raids will continue as we try to arrest those hoarding cash. . Why are the police arresting us, we havent done anything wrong. After committing the crime, they stopped the car and pushed Chinomone out of their vehicle. We also appeal to members of the public to desist from buying cash on the street because they also expose themselves to criminals, she said. After Chinomone got into the, toyota IST that drove Sosera they left, to confirm the exchange rate with other Forex dealers.

Police raid forex dealers

Parallel market rates remained stable yesterday following the decision by Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor, Dr John Mangudya to liberalise the United States dollar exchange rate against Real Time Gross Settlement balances. Police sources said when the raids were carried out, the illegal money changers were not as many as intelligence suggested. National Army officer faces the Judge of Peace. Whatever the case, illegal foreign currency dealing in the country has resulted in the emergence of a new class of rich people that own no means of production. Yet, in the eyes of the forex dealers, that very currency is like gold. Today, the formal market is dry of the local currency, hence the daily withdrawal limits that have been imposed by the central bank. The local press also claims that on January 30 of this year, the defendants worked out a plan to rob unsuspecting foreign currency dealers in the. The containment of the parallel market rate has been described by economic analysts as a sign of confidence to the monetary policy measures introduced by the central bank. "Foreign currency dealing is the only viable source of livelihood in Zimbabwe that's why many people are turning to it en masse said Mbonisi Zikhali, a professional worker who frequently trades at the black market.

It is midday in Harare, Zimbabwe's capital, as Edwin Mafure furtively hisses at a passerby and robotically whispers that he is exchanging US dollars and South Africa rands. Today, much of the country's local currency is outside the formal market. Last week, the Minister of Finance and Economic Development Patrick Chinamasa said despite fines, Government was yet to promulgate a law that specifically deals with cash hoarding and selling of money on the black market. . About 170 illegal black market forex dealers are reported to have been arrested countrywide following an intense campaign by the police against currency trading which has caused the dramatic price hikes of basic commodities and other products in Zimbabwe. The next day, the robbers contacted the victim on a mobile phone to find out his whereabouts. Let us know in the comments section below. The new law will also be in line with international based practices, where suspicious transactions will be automatically flagged and investigated.

In total, they took from him 1,700 and 50 rubles. We only make a profit of 50 cents in most of the transactions that we do, he said. Forex dealers in the country have been blamed for the disappearance of the local currency from the formal market. Insp Simango appealed to members of the public to assist the police with information that will lead to the arrest of cash barons. We have launched a campaign targeting illegal money changers among other cash barons, she said. By arresting us they are not dealing with the problem. Illegal foreign currency (forex) dealers were on tenterhooks yesterday as they weighed their options in the wake of new measures by the RBZ that seek to eradicate parallel market activities. Nyasoro, who was based at Manyame Air Base, was charged along with Tihonaona Sosera (27) and Mafaking Tagara (24) after the trio appeared before Judge of the Peace Rumbidzai Mugvagva. The accused faces two years for robbery after he teamed up with two accomplices to rob foreign exchange traders in Chitungwiza. Since Saturday, there has been reports of people coming in cars from Harare to sell cash in Bulawayo, she said. February 8, 2019, AtoZ Market s - According to the, zimbabwean press, the 29-year-old National Army officer Norest Nyasoro yesterday appeared before the Judge Harare. The news crew observed that most osiphatheleni were not hanging around their usual spots, with a few defiant ones saying they would not leave the streets. Zimbabwe's formal banking system offers low exchange rates, pegged by the government, leaving people with little choice but to deal on the streets.

Illegal Forex Dealers Nabbed!

The accused informed the complainant they were soldiers who had carried out the operation against currency traders. He constantly looks over his shoulder to make sure that there is no police officer in sight before he can strike a deal. The blitz started on Tuesday and by yesterday, an unknown number of forex dealers had been arrested. . Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not reflect the official policy or position of AtoZ m, nor should they be attributed to AtoZMarkets. Illegal foreign currency trading has been attributed to the market depreciation of Bond notes and rtgs balances compared to the US dollar, causing hikes in the prices of almost every product in the country and shortages of products. Police in Zimbabwe said that they had taken almost 200 currency dealers into custody in the space of the last seven days. Source: Police raid forex dealers The Herald September 28, 2017. Nqobile Tshili Bulawayo Bureau Police in Bulawayo have launched a blitz targeting illegal forex changers popularly known as osiphatheleni for hoarding cash at a time when the cash crisis has intensified. About 170 illegal black market forex dealers are reported to have been arrested countrywide following an intense campaign by the police against currency trading which has caused the dramatic price hikes of basic commodities and other products in Zimbabwe. Like Edwin, many people in Zimbabwe's urban centers have taken to the lucrative black market in foreign currency trade. Foreign currency trading has seen the explosion of a clique of nouveau riche in the country. Mugwagwa remanded the trio in custody and advised them to apply for bail at the High Court.

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Soldier in court for robbing forex dealers - Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwe: 170 Illegal Forex Dealers Arrested

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Soldier on Trial for Robbing Forex Dealers in Zimbabwe

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forex dealers zimbabwe

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Zimbabwe forex dealers struck by fear - Bulawayo24 News

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