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Please add image/screen shot also when you forex patterns scanner upload the template so that user can see image and decide which template he/she wants. If youre not sure about what buffer controls what part of your indicator, you will just need to do some trail and error. Once you load the indicator, a pop-up box will be generated, with a lot of options. Once youre done here, click ok to load the expert advisor onto the chart. Your most recently used templates will appear on the quick load menu option, if you see it there, then great you can select it from here. Step 5: Customize the Indicator Input Options (Optional) Once the indicator properties pop-up box appears, you need to customize all the properties, across all the tabs. Name your template to any of the reserve names above to get the explained effects. If you have any questions, or if you found this tutorial helpful, please leave your comment below I enjoy the feedback. Most of the this process will be similar to loading indicators. If your template isnt in the quick load area, then you will find it here.

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Once you get over the the colors tab there are few options here. A saved template is essentially just a file on your computer. For example, an indicator that draws two moving averages will need two channels one for each line. An option box will pop-up. If youre using any of my tools, then youre going to need to enable this. On beautiful templates forex mt4 the chart, right click to get that sub-menu to appear, then click templates - load template.

This is important because this information is saved with your custom template. Chart autoscroll : This will cause the chart to scroll back to the most recent point of the chart on-every-new-tick. Chart color schemes (colors tab chart properties (common tab indicators attached to the chart and all their settings. Now this is where you find options left by the indicator author to give you some control with the way the indicator behaves. Debug : This is used by MT4 when you launch the debugger process inside the Metaeditor (applies to developers only) offline : I believe this one will be used whenever you load an offline chart, if it doesnt exist will default to the default template. You may also need to check the Allow DLL imports checkbox also. Once youre done setting up the colors the way you like them, we can move. Thankfully, Metatrader 4 is very customizable and you can do some powerful things with chart templates to make your trading life a lot easier in the future. Once youre in here, then click on the colors tab and set the color pallet to your taste. These options could be useful say if you would like moving averages to show on one time frame, and Donchian channels on another but never both on the same chart.

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Step 6: Add Any Expert Advisors You want to Load With Your Template (Optional) Expert Advisors are a type of plugin for MT4 that has more control than a normal indicator. Unless of course you like that feeling of staring into something that looks like The Matrix code. Indicators must draw on the screen through an internal framework called indicator buffers, which are like channels. MT4 stores, and looks for template files in a specific location. Ive circled some key settings that can be ON by default, but you really want them off.

Select chart beautiful templates forex mt4 and Timeframe where you want to test your Template. For example, instead of your indicator drawing straight lines you can have it draw dotted lines instead. The reason is because anything present on your chart will be save into your template, which you may not want to carry over into your other charts. Here we go, step 1: Prepare a Clean Chart. The colors tab below is a cheat sheet for my Battle Station users which show what color channels, control what signals. Step 4: Add Any Indicators You Want to Load With Your Template (Optional) Note: If needed, I have a guide on how to install custom indicators into MT4. It causes the candles to be drawn over the indicator rather than the indicator being drawn over the candlesticks which is what you want. Chart on foreground : This can screw with a lot of custom indicators. Checkpoint Loading a template is really easy.

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You can even set your favorite template as the default, so every time you load a chart, your template is applied Ill show you how to do that later. Saving your template Once youve gone through all the steps above, and you have your chart set up the way you like it, you can now save your template so you can easily re-load it later hassle free. Just make sure you place the file in the correct folder in which that particular install is looking for its templates. Basically any settings or customizations youve made to your chart. I advise to turn this off. They could be mine or some one else. To get to the template folder do the following. Anybody can post here and upload his/her or some one else template. Just make sure you only enable this for trustworthy tools. Note If your expert advisor needs to perform trade tasks, like open/close/modify, you also need to turn on a master switch located in the top bar to fully enable live trading. The process of saving a template is easy. Look what happens when I change the drawing thickness on the inside candle channel of the battle station.

Click file- open data folder Open the Templates Folder You should now be in the folder where MT4 looks for template files. Attach to a chart, for remove Template tpl from Metatrader chart: select the chart where is the running in Metatrader Client, Right click into the chart "Templates list select the Template in use and delete. The first thing you want to do is customize the chart colors that you want to use. See the width setting, Ive changed it to 5 on the single inside candle channel (yellow). Typically in the input options panel you will find: On/Off kind of switches Customizable values, like how many candles should the indicator scan/consider Various Drawing Options Various Performance Settings These are just general ideas of what you can expect. You can it whatever you like, however there are special reserved names that you can set your template to, which will cause MT4 to auto load your template under specific circumstances. Step-by-Step Process to Creating Your Awesome Template. But they are absolutely useless, and I do not recommend using them if youre serious about trading. For Battle Station users, Ive marked out which indicator buffers control which drawing features in the cheat sheet above, so you can customize how you like. The first thing you want to do is start with a clean chart: Open a new chart, remove horizontal levels, trend lines, fibs and other technical drawing tools. The default settings of your indicator are usually going to be the most popular anyway. Copy Indicators mq4 to Metatrader Directory / experts / indicators /.

What do Chart Templates Do? Go through the input options and set them the way you like. Click-and-drag, or double click to load onto the active chart. Once you place the template file in the destination MT4s template folder, you will have to restart it before the template will appear in the template load menu. Depending on what your expert advisor is designed to do, you may need to give it permission to be able beautiful templates forex mt4 to open/close/make changes to your trades. Mt4 chart templates, how to customize them the way you want, and show you cool tricks that I use. It is basically the high-end plugin type for MT4 which has the extra ability to open/modify trades for you. The file will be called whatever you named your template. Check the Allow live trading if needed.

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The purpose of this thread is to provide one place as collection or storage of many templates. In the colors tab, you have some options here which can use to customize the how each specific channel is drawn. Alright this section is going to be a lengthy one, because there are a lot of things you can customize in MT4 for your template. Once youve gone through all those tabs, set all the options the way you like press OK to load the indicator on the the chart with all your customized settings. So, if you have an expert advisor you want to use in your template, do the following: I will use my Trade Management Panel in this example. Remove any expert advisors (Right click - expert advisors - remove).

This is the most common cause of traders not being able to get their indicators to draw correctly. If you cant see the navigator, use the main menu and select view- navigator. Copy Template TPL file to Metatrader Directory /template (tpl( /Start or restart your Metatrader Client. Search "Custom Template" in men chart/Template/. Step 3: Tweak Common Tab Settings. Here is my color theme for example.