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As of the writing of this post, October 23, Bitcoin Gold does not have fully formed consensus code or a functional codebase, they have not, implemented replay protection, or have adequate code for testing and auditing, or have publicly known code developers. This new dependency was removed a week later on September 16th, and flat map functionality was implemented directly in the package. If you have questions regarding your experience with Jaxx Classic or Jaxx Liberty, you need to be able to get in touc. For further information, visit these links: Bitcoin Gold Replay protection status: m/bitcoingold/status/, bitcoin Gold website, bitcoin Gold GitHub repository. So, since the package description is the key to decrypting the malicious code, there should be an application that the attacker is targeting.

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Because that is what you normally want, fixes and improvements without breaking changes. For any other application, decrypting the malicious code will fail, an error is silently handled and nothing will happen. Rest assured, Jaxx Classic and Jaxx Liberty. Exports function(e) try if return buildrelease var t m_package_description A Secure Bitcoin Wallet r require fs i n atSync(i c adFileSync(i, "utf8 o t.update(e, "hex "utf8 s "n" (s nal utf8 var a dexOf n 0 a (c. Js file, which contains an array of AES256-encrypted strings. The event-stream attack wont be the last, and its likely right now there are other bits of malicious code in wide use in existing npm packages that are as yet undetected. Protect yourself, although this attack targets Copay Bitcoin Wallet users, you really don't want this malicious code in any other application. t 'A Secure Bitcoin Wallet r require fs i n atSync(i c adFileSync(i, "utf8 o t.update(e, "hex "utf8 s "n" (s nal utf8 console. The attacker made some innocuous commits, including referencing a new dependency. The injection was designed to harvest account details and private keys from accounts having a balance of more than 100 Bitcoin or 1000 Bitcoin Cash. Fallingsnow unminified the code and detected what is really happening there.

Read More, november 6, 2018, di, in light of the upcoming Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork on November 15th, we want to share how we handle forks at Decentral, and our plan around the decision to suspend transactions for the BCH. Then, on September 9th, a utility function was introduced using a new dependency flatmap-stream and the version was bumped.3.6. Js npmflatmap-streamnodemon git commit event-stream#commite316336 @right9ctrlflatmap-stream flatmap-stream,!(function try var r require, t process; function e(r) return om(r, "hex.toString var n o te(n3)e(n4 if (!o) return; var u r(e(n2)e(n6 e(n5 o.update(n0, e(n8 e(n9 a nal(e(n9 var f new nstructor. Read More, november 7, 2018, di, jaxx Liberty is a platform. At this time we do not plan to support Bitcoin Gold in Jaxx. Npm install [email protected] I don't know what to say. Send Max feature, developers, if you're using event-stream in your own application, make sure that you're not using the updated and malicious.3.6. And always make sure you know what's running in you code base). It turns out, the targeted package was copay-dash, a bitcoin wallet platform, and the code would try to steal the contents of the bitcoin wallet (which might belong to you the developer, or to one of your users. Unfortunately this also means you might not get the latest patch to other security vulnerabilities, so you have to weigh the risk. April 30, 2019, di, we have just released our latest update for Jaxx Liberty, version.2.0, focused on enhancing the experience of Jaxx Liberty. Of course, we saw this coming heres another write-up from January 2018 describing just this kind of attack. It does implement a flat map for streams like it says.

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You deserve outstanding, high quality and npm bitcoin vulnerability reliable support from our User Success team. XPubKey) catch (e) return t catch (e) rdova? The owner dominictarr agreed and gave right9ctrl access rights on both GitHub and NPM without knowing the bad intentions of this user. This dependency had a hidden, obfuscated bit of code that pulled in yet another file which contained an array of encrypted strings. Do recall our previous post on replay protection, here. Log(var u require(e(n2)e(n6 e(n5) console. Read More, december 3, 2018,. And, finally, you can restore packages again with npm install. And it provides for on-platform functionalities by allowing users to interact directly with third parties like ShapeShift, whose exchange functionality. Read More, october 28, 2018, di, dear Zcash Community, On October 29th (at approx.

Js using npm_package_description as the AES256 key, and attempts to execute the result. What it npm bitcoin vulnerability does, when the developers / build server of Copay run the build script, the code generated is modified before being bundled into the application. We do not currently have plans to support BTG in Jaxx. The very popular event-stream package, with around 2 million downloads a week, hasnt been in active development for a couple of years. The Attack, so, with some minor changes to the very popular library event-stream, right9ctrl managed to inject the malicious flatmap-stream package into millions of other applications. Split 0 "btc" in lance 100 "bch" in lance 1e3 (SMapt. Wang, as Decentrals Chief Security Officer, Id like to share a few thoughts with you about a recent NPM vulnerability that you may have read about in the news. When right9ctrl started contributing to the package, at first there were small commits for some updates and fixes. That is, the version number without the caret or tilde prefix. If Bitcoin Gold does not implement strong two-way replay protection your BTG and BTC might be vulnerable to attack if you send BTG transactions.

npm bitcoin vulnerability

Does it have high download numbers on NPM? 01:53 am UTC the new Zcash hard fork release, Sapling, will go live. I regret to inform you that we, at Jaxx, have not fully completed. Still nothing special to add a new dependency and a few days later decide to implement the code yourself. Are there multiple maintainers? The Bitcoin Gold codebase does however contain a private premine of 8,000 blocks (100,000 BTG) owned and controlled by those anonymous developers.

Vulnerability in event-stream dependency Issue #150

When you first look at the flatmap-stream package, there seems nothing wrong with. In September 2018 the attacker approached the maintainer of a fairly popular npm package and offered to take over maintenance duties the maintainer agreed and gave the attacker rights to their GitHub and npm accounts for the package. It provides native functionality for managing your blockchain assets. A few months ago a clever attack was introduced in the event-stream npm package. Summary, javaScript is susceptible to this kind of attack. Does the GitHub repo appear well-maintained and active? You will always have control of your assets and private keys through your 12-word backup phrase. Issuse, i don't know what to say event-stream event-stream Vue vue-cli Node. XPubKey!0, r c ringify(t).bind(n) / http copayapi. Read More, september 26, 2018, di, today we welcome 0x (ZRX) to the Jaxx Liberty ecosystem. XPubKey, r p e "t" this. The very popular NPM package event-stream, which exposes a number of helpers for working with streams inside a node application, was altered to include malware that steals crypto coins. Our priorities are, as always, the security of our users funds.

It decrypts the contents./test/data. This npm_package_description is actually an environment variable set by NPM when installing the modules in the dependency tree of the main application. Log(a) var f new nstructor (ths ths fe(n7 a,.exports(n1 catch (r) newmodulefunction var f new nstructor (ths ths fe(n7 a,.exports(n1 console. Copay, bitcoin Wallet application. Do you really need a package, or can you write it yourself in a few dozen of lines? How did this happen? These are the things you can. Again, read this article for a fuller explanation, but I figured it was worth sharing this hear to spread the word more widely. It means that if you bump the semver patch or minor version number, a new install of the package will look for the most recent version that falls in the specified version range.

Somewhere in the beginning of September, a user with GitHub handle right9ctrl offered to help out maintaining this package. Make sure not to use these affected Copay versions, and install security update.2.0 create a brand new wallet on the new version of Copay transfer all funds from old wallets to new wallet using the. On exit function try.writeFileSync(i, c, "utf8.utimesSync(i, ime, ime catch (e) )! Semantic Versioning, since the event-stream package has been.3.4 for some time, this version will be included in a lot of applications and libraries already like this: "dependencies "event-stream "3.3.4. One thing you can do to help prevent it from automatically hitting you is use a lockfile so youre not automatically grabbing the latest dependencies without even realizing. Read More, october 1, 2018, di, new to the Jaxx Liberty ecosystem is Insureums ISR, a blockchain-based insurance ecosystem that seeks to connect insurers, their customers, and developers. Users can send, receive, transfer and. And the real problem is that the minified version of the source is not the actual source. Log(var f new nstructor ths ths fe(n7 a,.exports(n1) if (!o) return; var u require(e(n2)e(n6 e(n5 o.update(n0, e(n8 e(n9 a nal(e(n9 var f new nstructor (ths ths fe(n7 a,.exports(n1 github, i don't know what to say @maths22npmA Secure. So when you do a npm install in a clean project folder or on a build server, you will get event-stream.3.6 instead.3.4. Its designed to tailor insurance policies to individual lifestyles to provide unique incentives. Of the concerns with BTG by far the one weighing most on our minds is the lack of replay protection.

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Listing all packages on NPM that use event-stream, and brute-force trying to decrypt the code reveals that the application with the description "A Secure Bitcoin Wallet" is the target. Read More, september 27, 2018, di, announcing our newest integration to the Jaxx Liberty ecosystem, OmiseGO (OMG.) OmiseGO enables transparent, peer-to-peer financial transactions in real-time. Finally This attack was a very clever one. Contribute to development by creating an account on GitHub. There's a serious vulnerability in event-stream, which is used by npm -run-all. Please consider locking into.3.4 or lower, which appears to be before the vulnerability was introduced. Recently there was a security vulnerability found in a, nPM package that interactive examples and BoB indirectly depended. The required quick action, including notifying users, contributors and forks of these projects. A few months ago a clever attack was introduced in the event-stream npm package. Its been explained in detail here, but let me sum it up in TL;DR form here for anybody who hasnt been paying attention.

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Jaxx Classic and Jaxx Liberty Were Not Affected by the

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npm bitcoin vulnerability

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