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A High-Voltage Electron Microscope Control System based on Grid Infrastructure (Hyuck Han, Shinkyu Kim, Hyungsoo Jung, Heon. Mackin, Kotaro Matsushita and Jong Geol Park) Compact and High-Speed Face Recognition System for Embedded Devices (Takaharu Koda and Zhimei Yang) The Keyword Extraction with the Ranking Method using ANP (Takeru Yokoi and Ichiro Hofuku) Medicine and Life Sciences Morphogenesis During. Data Storage and Transfer Management for Visual Sensor Networks (Seung-Ho Lim and Min Choi).5171-5182. How the Dominance of Professional Practices Pose a Menace to Digital Society (Tomoyuki Nagase, Rausch Anthony Scott and Yoshio Yoshioka). "Obsidian in the Mediterranean and the Near East: A Provenancing Success Story".

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Embedded Multimedia dbms based on Mpeg-7 in Mobile Environment (Byeong-Tae Ahn and Min Sun Kim).5041-5054. Tree Modeling Methods from 3D Point trading central binary signals service Cloud? Agriculture and Engineering Self-Decision Activity in Hierarchical Wireless Sensor Networks (Meng-Yen Hsieh, Der-Jiunn Deng, Whe Dar Lin, Ching-Hung Yeh and Kuan-Ching Li).597-606. PDF Agriculture and Engineering Experimental Work on Damage Detection of Shear Building Structure (Hee-Chang Eun, Su-Yong Park and Rae-Jung Kim).3135-3140. A Reliable Watchdog Protocol with Two-way Mutual Con? Improve readability with Exact Hierarchical Codes in Distributed Storage Systems (Zhen Huang, Changjian Wang, Yuan Yuan, Lixia Liu and Yuxing Peng).4411-4416. Injection Attack Detection using the Removal of SQL Query Attribute Values (Jeom Goo Kim).3831-3842. Monitoring System of Opinion Information based on Web.0 (Young-Chun Kim, Ho-Bin Song, Hae-Jong Joo and Moon-Taek Cho).979-984. Towards A Formal Framework for Cross Domain Access Control (Quratulain Alam, Masoom Alam, Gohar Ali, Fazle Azim, Kamran. Prediction of Plant Poly(A) Sites Based on ghmm-RWT (Xiaohui Wu, Sun Zhou, Liangliang Chen and Guoli Ji).1809-1822.

Implicit Auditory Spatial Information Modulates Audiovisual Integration: A Behavioral Study (Qi Li, Jingjing Yang and Yulin Gao).321-326. Construction of Information Security System for the Campus Card System (Yongsheng Fang, Hong Gang and Yuedong Chen).1015-1018. Using Intelligent Agents in e-Learning (Asma Moubaiddin, Fatmeh Shawarbeh and Nadim Obeid).7325-7342. Roman commerce allowed its empire to flourish and endure. PDF 3E-Model for Temporary Passenger Train Scheduling Problem (Xiang Li, Lixing Yang, Keping Li and Ziyou Gao).373-390. In 2001, it also joined the World Trade Organization. Digital Model Railway Control on the Foundation of Real-Time Operating Systems (Pok-Son Kim and Arne Kutzner).241-250. Design and Implementation of a Web Service to Express the Visual Components of the USN Sensing and Meta data (Byeong-Tae Ahn and Min Sun Kim).1993-2008. Multi-receiver Identity-based Signcryption Scheme with the Receiver Anonymity (Liaojun Pang, Huixian Li and Yumin Wang).411-428. 59 60 Development of money edit Main article: History of money The first instances of money were objects with intrinsic value. Huosheng Hu) Foreword from the Guest Editors (Shuxiang Guo and Huosheng Hu) A Dexterous Robot Hand for Museum Exhibition? A PSO Optimization Algorithms Based on the Solution Space Division (Wei Zhao, Xingsheng Cai, MingQuan Wang, HuiYan Qu and ChunGuang Bi).5465-5472.

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Management and Social Sciences Utilisation of Photo-Montage Technique for UK Planning Process (Kyung Jin An, Hyun Kyung Kang, Goreti Marreiros and Hoon Ko).4785-4796. (Ryusuke Egawa, Masa-aki Fukase, Tomoaki Sato and Tadao Nakamura). Fs Technological Challenges based upon Patent Analysis (Jong Seok Kang, Hyuck Jai Lee and Yeong Ho Moon) Analysis of the Topology-Independent Node Duplication Method (Boncheol Gu, Yookun Cho, Gwangil Jeon, Junyoung Heo, Chang Oan Sung and Minkyu Park) Branch. Medicine and Life Sciences Spatial Location of Audiovisual Stimuli Affects the Latency of Multisensory Integration around 340 to 400 ms (Qi Li, Jingjing Yang, Jinglong Wu and Noriyoshi Kakura).4841-4852. PDF A Meta-analysis of Relationship between Constructs on the Theory of Reasoned Action (Soo-tai Nam, Hyun-chang Lee, Seong-yoon Shin and Chan-yong Jin).3129-3134. Management and Social Sciences Indexing Large Social Data based on Influential Nodes in an Online Social Commerce Network (Haesung Lee and Joonhee Kwon).1683-1690. Contrast Enhancement of Mammograms Using Nonsubsampled Contourlet Transform and Tsallis Entropy (Muhammad Hussain, Helala Al-Shehri and Mohamed Berbar).3267-3274.

A modified Chaos Prediction Approach of Aero-engine Performance Parameters Based on Box-Cox transformation and PLS regression (Chunxiao Zhang and Junjie Yue).937-946. Ensembles Of LS-SVR For Time Series Prediction (Kunlun Li, Yinghui Ma and Yongmei Tian).4423-4428. An Application Development Framework for Monitoring System (Shin-Hyeong Choi and Hyoung-Keun Park).8517-8522. Agriculture and Engineering A Robust Nonstationary Powerline Interference Suppressor for ECG Signals Based on Masking Signal-Aided EMD (Guojun Li, Xiaopin Zeng, Shuting Zhang, Xiaona Zhou and Xichuan Zhou).6961-6974. Vulnerability Classification of Information Security in Corporate Systems (khanova and.M. National Museum of American History. Research on the Convergence in value and solution of ACO Subset Algorithms (Chen Wenyu, Zeng Ru and Li Weishun).4685-4690. Tei-Wei Kuo) Identification of Adult Images Through Detection of the Breast Contour and Nipple (YoungJae Park, SunHee Weon, JunKyung Sung, HyungIl Choi and GyeYoung Kim).2643-2652. 3545 Retrieved McGrail, Sean (2001). When a company wishes to take over another company and over a period, gradually is termed as an American Depository Share ADS. Implementation of Mobile Collaboration Application Service in u-Hospital Environments (Chang Won Jeong, Su Chong Joo and Young Sik Jeong).2357-2368. Empires of the Silk Road: A History of Central Eurasia from the Bronze Age to the Present.

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PDF A Study on the Organizational Context for an Individual e-Learning Performance (Hyemi Um, Min Sun Kim and Hyo-Gun Kym).433-442. Wireless Sensor Monitoring System for Hydrogen Leakage Detection (Seokcheol Lee, Hoonsik Jang, Unbong Baek, Changsoo Kim and Seunghoon Nahm).1777-1782. F Perception about the Effect of Hospital Information System in Iran (Kahouei Mehdi, Hesamedin Askari Majdabadi, karimi Mozhgan, Ghazavi Shariat Panahi Sohaila Sadat, Ali Akbari Saedeh, Kazemzadeh Farzaneh, Ahmadi Zahra, Parsania Zeinab, Said roghani Panoe, Firozeh Mehri).1823-1832. (An Empirical Study) (Chulmo Koo, Yulia Wati).3647-3654. A Block Replacement Policy for Consecutive k-out-of-n: F Systems (Jianhua Zhao and Jinda Bai).1125-1130.

Cloud-Based Malware Analysis System for Mobile Applications (Seil Kim, Seung Won Ko and Dong Hoon Lee).4357-4364. Behavior-based Formation Control of nodes of Mobile Sensor Network (Ping trading central binary signals service Song, Xiaobing Han, Kejie Li, Xiaoyue Wang).917-924. Efficient and Flexible Storage Virtualization System based on Distributed Hash Tables (Jonghyeon Kim and Sangjun Lee).383-392. Frameworks for mira(Mobile Information Retrieval Agent) based on Component Integration (Haeng-Kon Kim).1899-1912. Process Assessment Framework to be concerned Software Safety (Hyun-Sug Cho and Sun-Myung Hwang).651-656. Tourist Attraction Categorization using a Latent Semantic Analysis and Machine Learning Techniques (Komkid Chatcharaporn, Jitimon Angskun and Thara Angskun).2683-2698. Authorship Attribution of Cell-phone E-mail (Ryoko Tanaka and Mingzhe Jin).1217-1226.

Agriculture and Engineering An Implementation of a Multi-carrier Ad-hoc Routing (MAR) Protocol for Maritime Data Communication Networks (Seong Mi Mun, Joo Young Son, ChiaSyan Lim, Won Boo Lee, Hun trading central binary signals service Ki Kim and Byung Wook Lee).1333-1342. A Study on Mobile Security Scheme for Smart-work (Seung-hwan Ju and Hee-suk Seo).6159-6168. Agriculture and Engineering mavcm: Mobile Application Version Control Management (Haeng-Kon Kim).3431-3442. Personalized Gesture and Activity Recognition Based On Tri-axial Accelerometer Signals (Zhenyu He).4763-4770. Prediction of the O-linked Glycosylation Sites in Protein by Independent Component Analysis and Support Vector Machine (Chu-Zheng Wang, Xiao-Feng Tan and Yen-Wei Chen).5407-5416. A Flexible Blob Detector Based on the Image Local Contrast and Blob-Likelihood (Shao Hu Peng, Shan Shan Zhu and Hyun Do Nam).8887-8900. Study of Jet Fire Height Based on Extended otsu and Stripe Image Segmentation Method in an Enclosed Compartment (Weigang Yan, Changjian Wang and Jin Guo).4379-4384.